Why I like Pilates?


Pilates has made me stronger and flexible in body and mind. I feel more confident in my ability to do any activity I choose. I have noticed my clothes fit better. My attitude is lighter.  There are times when I come to class drained from the day and wonder how I will get through the session. When I leave I feel wonderful. The weight of the day has been lifted. Pilates is for ME and for Me only. You deserve something for yourself. You owe it to yourself to at least try a session. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Dawn W.

At 63 years old, I had a couple of serious health issues. I had hip and lower back pain.  My posture looked “old” and my balance was not what it used to be. It was painful to sit, drive, ride a bike, sometimes even walk and sleep. I needed to improve my level of physical fitness. My core strength, stability, and flexibility were missing-in-action.

After reading an article on Pilate’s instruction in my local newspaper, that closely resembled my situation, I booked my first free session.  I signed up for private, and eventually added a semi-private lesson too.  My physical condition and my schedule shape these sessions. Therefore, I get there, and do the work.

 I have much less pain sitting, driving, and walking now. My back is much stronger, enabling me to keep up with the heavy work around our home and property. My posture, flexibility, and balance are better.  I am still taking private and semi private Pilates and I have improved to where I could comfortably participate in a group class.

Cathy W.

I have been participating in Cathy’s private Pilates sessions for almost two years and both she and I have noticed improvements in my strength, balance, and range of motion.

At the beginning of my Pilates sessions I was unable to keep my legs in the “table” position without  a certain muscle in my lower back/upper hip giving me problems, so for many months in order to alleviate the stress on this muscle, Cathy modified my leg position.  Then one day we tried my legs in the proper table position again and I have never felt the pain that I previously had.  This is because of the exercises and stretches that I have done under her guidance.  Many of the overall Pilates exercises eventually helped to straighten a vertebra in my spine that was out of line which was the real cause of the back and hip pain.  This demonstrates the power of Pilates as being a whole body conditioning program that in this case helped with my alignment.

Many years ago I took a small-group Pilates mat class and found myself unable to do some of the exercises.  Since I was working at the time, I stopped attending but always knew that if I took a Pilates class again, I would want a Pilates personal trainer because each body is unique with its own needs and limitations. Cathy, (former gymnast, educated in sports medicine, and fully certified in Pilates) knows bodies – inside and out, and knows exactly what a person needs to work on and knows which exercises and stretches would benefit each individual.  She also suggests exercises and stretches to do at home to further improve one’s personal fitness.

In order to do Pilates properly, I believe one needs a trained Pilates instructor.  I’m so grateful to have met Cathy and have her be my personal trainer in Pilates.  This is an investment in me and my ability to continue being an active and healthy person.

Sylvia A.

So after a tough day yesterday - film at 11 - things went well at the pool today. Tonight I felt so incredibly comfortable and confident in my body and soul. Sort of an in body/out of body experience. I stood tall, relaxed, shoulders down, knees straight. And when I had to step up at the end of the pool, it was easy, balanced, and smooth.

Thank you for helping me feel so strong and comfortable in my body.